Breast Reconstruction

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she often faces many choices. When one of those choices includes a mastectomy, she then has another question to answer: Should she also consider breast reconstruction? Breast reconstruction can dramatically improve physical appearance, emotional recovery from cancer, and sexual confidence.

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Breast reconstruction surgery techniques vary. It can be performed using implants or the woman’s own body tissue, or a combination of both. Several factors are considered when determining the option that is right for the individual woman: the type of mastectomy that was performed, the stage of the cancer when it was discovered, and the type of post-surgical treatment (i.e. chemo and/or radiation therapy), the overall general health of the woman considering breast reconstruction, and her desired outcome.

Breast reconstruction is a personal decision that only the woman herself can make and should be made only after gathering facts from a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who will customize the surgery to the woman’s particular needs.

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Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States affecting more than 2 million people annually. The vast majority of skin cancer, whether melanoma or non-melanoma, can be attributed to UV radiation from the sun or tanning beds. When diagnosed early, skin cancer is treatable – frequently by having it surgically removed.

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The diagnosis of skin cancer is somewhat unique in that it is a cancer you can see. That means the removal of it affects not only one’s health, but one’s appearance as well.

Generally, patients are referred to Dr. Passmore after a Dermatologist or Primary Care Physician has evaluated and possible biopsied the suspicious lesion. The nature of the surgery depends on the size, location, and type of cancer that is to be removed.

As a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Passmore specializes in the surgical treatment of skin cancer and reconstructive surgery, if required. Her skill, experience, and attention to detail provide her clientele with the assurance that a positive surgical outcome – being cancer free with minimal scarring – is of utmost importance to Dr. Passmore.

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