More and more men are choosing to look as good as they feel. While men have historically been concerned about their physical performance, many are now taking steps to improve their physical appearance as well. Vital, active men are deciding to rid themselves of bags, sags, and wrinkles that cause them to appear aged and tired, or choosing to correct imperfections they have dealt with since birth.

It’s not a matter of vanity; it’s a matter of boosting self-confidence with an image that reflects who you are.

Dr. Passmore offers a wide-range of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments that provide customized, natural looking enhancements for face and body. She works with each patient individually to achieve their desired outcome. From the subtle, firming effects of Ultherapy, the slimming effects of liposuction, to the surgical correction of ears or chin, Dr. Passmore’s training, experience, and precision can provide you with an appearance that makes you proud.

Excessive Perspiration (Axillary Hyperhidrosis)